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How to use fugo

One of our biggest priorities from day one has been to make Fugo easy to prepare in order to make nutritious food convenient. 

Fugo can be prepared in under 30 seconds and we would like to tell you how!

How to prepare the perfect Fugo

Follow these simple steps to start off on the right foot:

Add cold water to your shaker's 400ml fill line, then:

  • Add an entire pouch of Fugo   (90g/421kcal)
  • Place the blender ball in the shaker
  • Screw the lid and cap on tightly
  • Shake hard for 10 seconds

Once you’re happy, get creative! Our top tips:

  • If you want to be precise, use scales to weigh your Fugo
  • Add ice cubes, or even try chilling overnight for a smoother texture
  • Too thick? Add more water
  • Too thin? Use less next time
  • Mix and match some flavours if you are feeling adventurous  
  • Try milk (or milk alternative) instead of water for a creamier end result

How many times can you consume Fugo

This is entirely up to you. Probably the most popular approach is to replace time-pressured, weekday meals like breakfast and lunch, then sit down for a traditional meal in the evening. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Whatever you do, make sure to gradually build up your Fugo intake due to the rich fibre content. Your body needs time to adjust to changes in your diet, so start with 1 Fugo meal a day, and add 1 more every 3-5 days until you reach your ideal balance. 

How many calories do you need?

Mukund - our founder's diet for example

Mukund, 22, male. 6ft5 and 200lbs. Exercises 3-4x per week. To maintain his current weight, he needs 3000kcal. To lose weight, we recommend a deficit of 500kcal per day. To gain weight, a 500kcal daily surplus is suggested.

Lose Fat (-500kcal)1 Fugo mealshake1 Fugo mealshakeProtein bar744kcal210kcal
1 Fugo mealshakeProtein BarDal + Rice + Aloo  Protein bar1,004kcal250kcal
1 Fugo mealshake + 1 banana Peanut butter + Oat mylkDal + Rice + Aloo  1 Fugo mealshake1,104kcal250kcal