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Fugo Customer Testimonials


Please note: None of the customers below were given free gifts or money to write their testimonial.


"As an athlete, protein is so important in my diet- generic protein powders just don't taste the same now that I've tried Fugo. It's dairy-free and vegan, but it tastes so good I wouldn't have guessed. And thanks to all the good carbs and fibre, I stay full for much longer."

Maya- university student

"Fugo is the most convenient and delicious meal I could ask for before rushing to a 9am lecture. As a student with a hectic schedule, it's easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits. Fugo is my favourite way to save time on meal-prep without compromising on nutrition and flavour."


"Fugo is the perfect hack to have a nutritious meal while on the move- it has ingredients i can actually pronounce! Fugo shakes keep me bloat-free while helping me maintain high energy levels for intense days of performing."


Using Fugo has been great for when I'm working long hours. With a packed schedule and hours spent seated at my desk, it's tough to prepare nutritious meals. Fugo is a convenient alternative that makes my lifestyle just a bit healthier- and it's tasty!

MOHIKA (participant of focus group 1)

I am lovinggg my Fugo. I haven't been able to pick a favourite! Each flavour goes with a certain mood. I often have it for breakfast because i have biased towards eggs. It does take me 20-25 minutes to drink it up because i am. a tiny person who gets full fast. More importantly I feel super healthy and have stopped midnight snacking all-together. 

ANAV - Consultant 

Loving the Fugo vibe so far. Quite surprised to be honest how much I look forward to the next Fugo cos I’m a bit of a foodie normally. Enjoying Fugo breakfast and lunch with normal evening meal seems to work well, don’t feel at all hungry.