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On a mission to build India's largest healthy consumption food system

A simple mission - Convenient, Healthy, Sustainable food. 

Fugo was created in 2020 with a simple reason that complete nutrition should not come at the compromise of convenience, sustainability & affordability. After countless days of experimenting and R&D we finally settled on our classic powder blend that provides our customers with the best possible product in a convenient form. 

Our hope for the future 

Expanded product line

As we move further into this year and beyond, our hope is that our product line is constantly updated with new variants and categories - that keeps our mission of convenient, healthy & sustainable food at its core. 

Help reduce food wastage

Our products are designed with food wastage in mind - From a single serve design reducing wastage to our 24 month shelf life prolonging spoilage, Fugo is committed to tackling food wastage. Our hope is that this commitment extends beyond our operations through our customers in the future. 

Helping those in need

More than 40 per cent of food produced is wasted in India. In a country ranked 94th out of 107 countries on the global hunger index. Fugo alongside NGO partners plans to tackle this issue by spreading awareness, donating meals and contributing 5% of every sale to fight hunger.